Jess Pickford

'As a photographer, I like to focus on portraits and what my images can say about the person in the photograph or what they evoke to the audience receiving the image. I enjoy being able to capture someone's identity in a candid way, a natural smile or capturing him or her deep in thought. To me, this is much better than a posed shot. Even if harder to achieve sometimes, depending on the subject, candid is a more aesthetically pleasing to me. I love being able to connect with the people that I photograph, listen to their stories and their views or opinions. Connecting with these people is what drives my passion for photography.'

Jess has graduated with a BA(Hons) in photography from The University of the West of England. She works mainly in a digital format and has explored working with moving image. Jess' main photographic interests focus around portraiture, travel and documentary.  

Her skills include: Photoshop, Indesign and Premiere Pro. 




Salisbury, UK.

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